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NIRS Analyzer PRO

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The NIRS Analyzer PRO is a system for the nondestructive, direct analysis of granules, powders, liquids, slurries, or opalescent substances.

This instrument can be used to analyze a variety of substances in pharmaceutical, chemical, and petrochemical products. As this analyzer comes with dedicated interfaces, both noncontact and contact analyses are possible.


Key features

  • High-resolution diode array technology for accurate and continuous analysis
  • The entire wavelength range is measured instantaneously.
  • No moving parts in the optical detection unit in IP69K enclosure
  • Software compliant with various regulations and FDA 21CFR Part 11
  • No use of chemicals for environmentally friendly and cost-saving analyses


> NIRS Analyzer PRO systems


The NIRS Analyzer PRO: a versatile system

Liquids, solids, slurries, etc. can be measured in reflectance or transmission by means of contact probes.

A noncontact measurement option is available for NIR analysis above a conveyor belt or panel or through a glass window.

Diagnostics and factory standardization

Built-in diagnostics and factory standardization ensure proper equipment performance and allow transferability of methods to other analyzers.

Thus, if you would like to take measurements at several points, you can easily do so – without much work or additional investments.

Uptime secured thanks to automatic lamp switching

The NIRS Analyzer PRO is equipped with a dual lamp system to guarantee high uptimes.

Lamp switching is done automatically without requiring any user action. This ensures reliable operation. The NIRS Analyzer is a maintenance-free system offering low cost of ownership and rugged and compact equipment.

Ideal PAT tool

With the NIRS Analyzer PRO, you can implement Process Analytical Technology procedures in accordance with FDA regulations.

The main advantage is that you will obtain process analysis results in real time instead of carrying out time-consuming laboratory analysis.

Vision: easy-to-use, «all-in-one» NIRS software program

The NIRS Analyzer PRO is operated with Vision software.

This proprietary, easy-to-use software can be used for comprehensive data collection, qualitative and quantitative method development, and diagnostics. Various protocols for process control are available: 4 to 20 mA, OPC, Modbus, and Profibus.

> NIRS Analyzer PRO systems



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